Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Three Things

In talking with my pastor the other night he decided that he needed to give me homework.

Although I know that I am a good person and that I have much worth, these recent events have definitely taken a toll on my sense of self. He told me to ask at least 6 people to give me a list of at least 3 attributes that they recognize and admire in me. I would truly appreciate it if any of you could do that for me. I've asked a few people already, but I figured I'd put it up here as well since it reaches more of my friends and family on an entirely bigger level.


(I also posted this in facebook, so a reply on either would be much appreciated!)


nichole.swafford said...

Angela has so many amazing attributes, so it's really difficult to pick three, but I think these are my favorite things about her:

Supportive- Always there for everyone, always dependable, always knowing knowing her friends so well that she knows just what to say when we need advice or comfort or both.

Honest- Always willing to tell it like it is, not afraid of consequences, uses this honesty to provide strength and loving guidance to those who need her. And a lot of people need her.

Creative- Angela is the artist that every artist wishes to be. Creative in writing, music, and physical art, she transforms the mundain into the beautiful, unique, inspirational, and passionate. Everytime I'm having a rough day, I listen to something Angela has sung (Your eyes) or something she has written (Redefining Reverence) and I feel inspired to go to a better place.

While these three are my very favorite things about Angela, I also appreciate the way she loves with all of her heart and soul, the way that she respects all people, the way she is a rockin feminist, the way she trusts, the way she leads, the way she nurtures, the way she is.