Saturday, December 27, 2008

Holidays certainly are happy :)

I love my family. I love them so much. This holiday has been so wonderful. I've enjoyed every minute spent with them all. Christmas eve was so much fun! We opened gifts between each course of our dinner and all the gifts were so great and the abundancy was definitely unexpected. I got a blackberry! But my favorite gift is definitely the beautiful blanket that Monica crocheted for me. It's huge and has colors of brown, green and plum in it. I love it!!! I got some makeup, art for my apt, accessories for my phone, music, and whatnot. It's all so great :)

Christmas we just hung around and then went to the Dienger's for dinner. It was so much fun visiting with everyone. The food was yummy too! All sorts of casseroles and an awesome salad. I didn't eat any meat. That's becoming pretty popular amongst my cousins. The only meat they had was ham and I don't like ham.

Yesterday was Jake's birthday! We had some really good conversation while Monica and Eric were at work (although I did end up getting a little frustrated and cried a little bit). But it was all good. Sometimes its hard for two people to understand each other when their spiritualities are so radically different. Jake is a bible speaker. He knows his bible. I'm a heart feeler. I listen to my heart and trust it more than I trust the Bible. So sometimes we get a bit heated when talking about our views on Jesus.

We had a yummy dinner and dessert and watched Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers because that's what Jake wanted to watch. It was nice to watch it again. It's such a good trilogy.


There's just so much love and warmth at home. I wish I lived closer, but I love being in Champaign. I wish they would all just move to Champaign! I love hanging out with my mom and laughing with everyone. We watched like 3 hours of baby videos on Christmas eve. We just couldn't get enough! We were just such cute kids. So much personality. And its amazing how we still exhibit those same mannerisms and personalities just like we did when we were little.

I'm so lucky. I'm so blessed. I'm so grateful. Happy Holidays!