Sunday, December 7, 2008

Working through the Pain

The last 20 hours have been really hard. I can't stop thinking about this whole betrayal. It even made me physically sick this morning. I am trying so hard not to let it get me so upset; I'm praying for peace of mind and heart (which comes in waves) and then I start thinking about it again and I have to pray for peace again. It's like a never ending taunt.

I went to church this morning and I was definitely ready to immerse myself in the joy that I feel there. I was practicing with the choir when I saw Mags and Anne walk in; I almost burst into tears. It was just so good to see them there and know that I could go sit by them and not feel so alone for an hour. The service today was so wonderful! The little kids did a Christmas Pageant and the really little ones were dressed as sheep. They were so cute! It really made my heart smile. It was just what I needed. And the pain is really beginning to subside.

I'm going to take the rest of the day to work on some glass, go see Laura's (my roommate) performance with Kathy and Lynn (my Champaign mommies) and make some curry for dinner. It should be a good end to these last 24 hours.