Friday, February 26, 2010

A Brand New Birth Day

I just watched one of my best friends give birth to a beautiful baby girl.

Well, I wasn't actually in the room since she had a c-section, but I saw her right before and right after. I saw her daughter being rolled down the hall a few minutes after she was quickly and carefully pulled into this crazy, wondrous world by people dressed in blue paper.

I saw Ella Grace squirm and cry out for warmth and comfort as new grandparents and family members snapped photo memories with sharp, bright lights in metal boxes.

I saw love swell and overflow in the eyes of people who had been waiting for her little face to appear in this world, whether they knew it or not.

I gently smelled her hair and her skin, smooth and soft; unbathed and fresh from the womb that grew her.

Her defiant cries came from lungs that were being used for the first time in her brand new life. She cried out with the power of a brand new womyn because, in fact, she is.

I held her as she fell into sleep, after all the visitors had gone and just her parents and I remained. Her little body snuggled perfectly into my arms, her aura emanating, made me yearn to bring my own home-grown life into this world.

She is one more chance at a better world. One more life in a planet full of imperfect souls. One more womyn in the making; growing at every second and learning with every breath.