Friday, December 5, 2008

Musing: The Purpose of the Journey

written November 15, 2006

I have arrived at the beginning of a whole new philosophy. I am prepared; with my eyes wide shut and my intuition leading the way. No rocks or branches shall trip me, no mountain or raging river shall barricade my journey. I will not merely be walking, I will be traveling with knowledgeable guides; each one passing me off to another when the territory stretches beyond their realm of understanding. With each step, I will learn something new; feel a new sensation. The pebbles will teach me about how dangerous the tiny obstacles in our lives can be when we don't step carefully. The heat of the sun will teach me how important warmth of body and soul is to our survival. The wind will teach me to let my hair loose and to enjoy the feeling of a cool breeze against my sun-ripened skin.

And when the night falls, the stars will teach me that even the smallest light can lead me out of the darkness. The moon will teach me that everyone and everything has a secret. I'll listen for the bone-chilling cry of the wolf, commanding my follicles to stand up straight. I'll listen to the lamentations of all the creatures that live freely in the shadows. They beckon me to give in; to allow the lure of a secret, sorrowful freedom to envelope my soul. And I will. The cold chill will crawl up my limbs and put shivers in my muscles.... but only for a moment.

I realize that too much darkness, too much mystery, will make a person lose their self. Darkness leads to mystery, mystery leads to conspiracy, conspiracy leads to silence, and silence leads to pain. A pain much greater than pebbles beneath my feet. A pain that makes the whole body ache until our fragile hearts break into a million tiny pieces. Too much darkness is dangerous to the soul. But to not experience it is to do ourselves a great disservice.

How will we ever understand the importance of the sun's warmth if we have never experienced the chill of the moon? How will we measure the open and true freedom of a cool breeze against our skin if we have never even come close to traveling outside our temperature controlled boxes?

Well, I refuse to remain comfortably stagnant inside of a box. The philosophy of my journey will teach me more about myself than I can even comprehend. So, I have arrived at the edge; my eyes wide shut and my intuition leading the way. I know I'll return one day, though not before I've traveled as far as the world will guide me. I will not return unscathed, but I WILL return stronger than ever before.

Strange how it makes so much sense all over again; how it relates so much all over again. Its just another example of how each experience and each lesson all relates back to the interconnectivity of all humanity.