Saturday, February 14, 2009

Roomies are Cool

Well, at least mine is.  This weekend has been full of passing friends and visitors, most of them Laura's, and all of them interesting and fun to talk to.  We'll all sit down and have a drink and converse before going our separate ways and each time it's been so incredible.  

Lately I've found out just how sociable I can be.  I don't know if it's just Laura's friends or Laura or ME, but whatever it is, I find myself really coming out of my shell.  It's easy for me to just sit down and slide into a deep, intellectual conversation with them every single time.  It's not even this easy with my own friends sometimes.  I'm definitely more of an extrovert than I realized.  I definitely still like to stay in and do my own thing, but small groups and intimate conversations are becoming more and more regular with Laura and her friends.  We laugh, we get serious, we talk about triumphs and harsh realities.... 

It's really nice.  And I'm really enjoying the surprising ease of it all.  And I definitely count my blessings for having such an awesome roommate.

Thanks, Laura!